Monday, March 15, 2010

Ugadi Wishes - Ugadi Subhakanshalu

Sri Vikrutinama Samvatsara Ugadi Subhakanshalu 
Ugadi is celebrated as New Year Day in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The name Ugadi is derived from the name "Yuga Adi", which means 'the beginning of a new age'. It is celebrated on the first day of the Hindu month Chaitra, which marks the onset of spring. It is believed that Lord Brahma, the creator according to Hindu mythology, began creation on this day. Preparations begin well ahead of the festival. Houses are given a thorough cleaning, people don new clothes and special dishes are prepared.

Ugadi,  also known as Yugadi, is the Telugu New year and Kannada New year. Ugadi 2010 date is March 16. Ugadi or Yugadi means the beginning of an era. Hindus in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka celebrate their New Year as Ugadi whereas the people of Maharashtra celebrate it as Gudi Padwa. In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka on Ugadhi day Ugadi Pachadi is prepared and distributed among the people. This festival is also celebrated as Cheti Chand or Sindhi New year.

Ugadi Pachchadi is the special recipe prepared on Ugadi day in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. This recipe signifies the combination of every aspect of life. Ugadi Panchanga Shravanam is done on Ugadi. Astrology predictions and yearly horoscopes are told by Brahmins on this day to common people.

  • Neem Buds/Flowers for bitterness
  • Raw Mango for tang
  • Tamarind Juice for sourness
  • Green Chilli/Pepper for heat
  • Jaggery and ripe banana pieces for sweetness
  • Pinch of Salt for saltiness
This mixture with all six tastes (షడ్రుచులు) , called Yugadi Pachhadi  (ఉగాది పచ్చడి) in Telugu and Bevu-Bella in Kannada, symbolizes the fact that life is a mixture of different experiences (sadness, happiness, anger, fear, disgust, surprise) , which should be accepted together and with equanimity.


I hope this Ugadi will bring cheer, prosperity and peace in your life. Let us pray that we gain enough strength to accept the highs and lows of life with equanimity.
Srilaja Kanth

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  1. Nice explanation. Short and easy to understand. - Arun and Aruna.



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